Top 15 Days Best Trips From Tulsa

Tulsa is the second largest city in the state of Oklahoma and is located at the center of Kansas and Arkansas with some interesting places, it’s also known as the Oil City of the world. If you are looking for great culture and a rich legacy, then Tulsa is one of the best places to visit and to know some historical secrets and incredible miracles. Entertainment and enjoyment are the common things that you can find easily on trips from Tulsa. If you are a foodie person and love clubbing, then this place is for you because lots of clubs, restaurants, museums, huge buildings, and shopping malls in the Blue Dome Entertainment District. The unique creativity and art of the places are adorable, you will never forget it. Surrounding places of Oklahoma are home to many natural and cultural destinations with huge parks and a gorgeous waterfall.

This city gave you a great experience of a road trip, rivers, mountains, zoo, old historic caves, huge buildings, 19th-century homes along with museums, landscape, and amazing camping. There are many places near Tulsa, where you can make your mind fresh. Know about the history, and see the unique architecture. Now here we will discuss the Top 15 days of best trips from Tulsa to spend some quality time with family, friends, and kids. Click here to know about the Top 15 places to visit in Delhi in 2022.

List of 15 best days trips from Tulsa

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City has located 170km from Tulsa and is famous for its historical building and wealth. The eclectic Bricktown has lots of places for entertainment like bars, clubs, restaurants, and hotels. You can’t find an awesome view of the sunset from the famed Lake anywhere else. If you love boating and fishing then Hefner park is a good place for you to spend time. This city is also famous for horse shows. Oklahoma city stands on number one in the list of trips from Tulsa. This city has everything which makes your tour rememberable and you want to come here again and again. There are many lover points also where you can spend some quality time.

Turner Falls Park

Turner Falls Park is mostly famous for waterfalls, fishing, and caves. Water falls from the 77-foot height into a beautiful natural swimming hole. Turner falls park is an incomparable destination to visit with family, friends, and kids to spend some quality time. Secrets of caves are exciting for people due to their history and oldness. Swimming holes, climbing spots, jumps, and hidden caves make this palace perfect for a family tour. You can’t forget the beauty of turner falls park easily because it will keep in your mind till your life. Everyone should visit here at least once with family to enjoy and make your mind fresh.

Eufaula Lake

Eufaula Lake is one of the largest lakes in Oklahoma city and is located 84km from Tulsa. This lake spans around 100,00 surface acres. If you are a fishing and water activities lover then this is such a great place for you to spend time. A place where you can find rare fishes and makes your journey interesting with boating. Eufaula lake has peaceful beaches, which are backdroped by pine trees and great places to time spend. You can spend your whole day in the sun and have some tasty dishes. You can also enjoy hiking, horse riding, bike riding, see animals along with golf games.

Red Rock Canyon State Park

Red rock canyon state park is located 260km from Tulsa with very high and old Cliffs. Cliffs are the major attraction point of this state park. Hiking, bird watching, climbing, and rappelling are the main activity of this Red Rock Canyon State Park and these activities make it a more visiting place for visitors. This state park is backdroped by some small rivers and valleys with uniqueness, which makes it a more beautiful place to spend a few days trips from Tulsa. During the wet season, a great view of floral you will never find at any other place.


Pawhuska is located 58km far from Tulsa. Pawhuska gives you an amazing feeling of western culture. It is also known for foodies, historic, and native Americans. Peoples come here to know the history of Pawhuska and taste some special dishes. Pawhuska town is named for Chief Paw-hui-skah. Pawhuska has the Osage Nation Museum, which shows the Native Americans hand made tools and great art. More than two thousand bison and other animals are living there. If you love history and want to know more about old art, this place is waiting for you to explore more.

Beavers Bend State Park

Beavers bend state park is located 330km far from Tulsa. A beautiful winding road is the most attractive place for visitors in Beaver bend state park and the mountains of this park are very famous in the USA. This park spans around 1300 acres with a broken bow lake and is covered by a national forest and one of the best parks on the list of trips from Tulsa. Mountain rivers also flow from beavers bend state park. If you are planning a family picnic to enjoy and spend some time with your family, then this is the best place for you to spend the whole day.

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge has located 204km from Tulsa and 29km from Wichita city. This Wichita mountains wildlife refuge spans around 59,000 acres. A great place for the nature lover to spend some time with greenery and peacefully. If you are planning for one day tour then this is the place where you can find rare animals and landscapes along with sunset and greenery. This place is for animal lovers because you can find rare animals here and see the different breeds of buffalo. Apart from this zoo and mountains, Wichita city is also famous for its great architecture, museum, and 19th-century homes.

Grand Lake

The Grand Lake is located 793km far from Tulsa and this is one of the most visiting lakes for trips from Tulsa. Grand Lake spans around 46,000 acres of water. Sach is a great place to do some unique activities with families like parasailing, boating, swimming, and jet skiing also. Near Grand Lake, there are many villages, residential areas, and museums as well which indicate the 18th-century lifestyle and a good place for picnics with kids. Here you can spend more than one day and hotels and other facilities are also available nearby the grand lake, which will make your journey easy.

Little Sahara State Park

Little Sahara State Park is located 182km far from Tulsa. There is a desert in the Middle of Oklahoma and it’s known as Little Sahara State Park. This park spans over 1000 acres along with towering dunes and a few of the dunes high is across 76 feet. If you are planning for some outdoor activities like buggy and quad biking then this is an awesome place for you to do different activities. Staying facilities are also available here to stay at night. This is the only desert place on this list, so you should visit at least once to enjoy some different activities.


Arcadia is located 22km far from Tulsa. In this small town, you can find a few quick attractions like Old Round Barn, The Route 66 John Hargrove’s Place, Oklahoma County Auto Trim, and Mini Museum. In case you have a shortage of time and want to visit an awesome view place, then Arcadia is waiting for you.  Lake and river are also there for swimming, boating, fishing, jet skiing, and camping also. These activities are best for picnics with kids and family. Hotel facilities are also available here to stay nearby of your destination. Arcadia is a great destination on the list of trips from Tulsa.

Blue Hole Park

Blue Hole Park is located 62km far from Tulsa. During the hot summer month, a blue hole park is a great place for a holiday trip with family. The water of this park is very clean like crystal and such a good place for resting. Table facilities are also there to eat something your own food and drink. The natural water hole is best for kids swimming and for adults also. Sach is a good place to visit and enjoy with family at a low cost. Blue Hole Park is a favorite park for kids because it will give you a full package of picnics.

Sequoyah State Park

Sequoyah State Park is located 48km far from Tulsa. You can see the beautiful Sequoyah state park on the shores of Fort Gibson Lake. Boating and swimming on a huge water shoreline is the main attraction point for people. Nice place for a picnic on the list of trips from Tulsa. Apart from this horse riding and hiking are the best things to do in Sequoyah state park. You can hire a boat and bike boating and ride for a whole day to enjoy personally with your family members. You can also purchase some tasty food and drink from the shop. This state park view will increase the taste of your food.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is located 125km far from Tulsa. You can find the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Arkansas. This museum is a great place for art lovers and visitors who always try to find something unique and old. Hiking facilities are also available which gives an awesome feeling. Sach is a great and unique presentation of architecture. This museum is one of the most visiting museums near Tulsa because of its great building structure. The different style of the museum makes it a more memorable place for visitors.

Natural Falls State Park

Natural Falls State Park is located 79km far from Tulsa. It is also known as Dripping Springs. Natural Falls State Park is one of the most beautiful waterfall destinations in the state. This place is best for the nature lover. Water falls from the 77-foot height giving it an attractive look. Hiking, fishing, and playing a few games like volleyball are the main activity to do in this state park. Everyone should visit at least once there if you are planning trips from Tulsa with family to see a natural beauty and spend some time with amazing nature. Here you will feel nature’s beauty and peace.

Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs is located 150km far from Tulsa. Eureka Springs is a small town in Arkansas and is mostly famous for its numerous lakes and victoria style buildings. If you are a shopping lover, then this best place for your to purchase different and unique things. You can find lots of boutiques and local stores, where you can buy greeting cards, pottery, and jewelry as well. This place is such a fun getaway for visitors because of its unique architecture and historical places to see something different. Eureka springs are the best place to purchase handmade products and you can gift these products to your family and friends.

Last thought

We have described this content to help you decide on trips from Tulsa. If you are looking for a tour or holiday with family during a hot summer month to see nature, then Turner Falls Park, Eufaula Lake, Red rock canyon state park, Grand Lake, Blue Hole Park, and Natural Falls State Park are the best option for you to feel fresh and relax. Some people like unique history and adventure, then Red Rock Canyon State Park, Pawhuska, Sequoyah State Park, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, and Eureka Springs are great places for them. In this modern generation bars, clubs, hotels, shopping malls, and beaches are the main attraction points for young people, then they can visit Oklahoma City, Arcadia, and Eureka Springs. Surrounding places of Tulsa are rich in history and famous for adventure.