15 Days Best Trips From Cartagena

When you talk about attractive and beautiful cities. then Cartagena city definitely comes to mind. That’s why a trip from Cartagena is one of the best options for those who love traveling. This city is very attractive and has a line of wonderfully vibrantly colored buildings, music, delicious cuisine, and streets inside the old city walls, or street art of Gethsemane is an area full of excitement and many more huge list of beautiful places for great tourism. If you are going to start planning trips from Cartagena with your family, friends, couples, or kids and want to make beautiful memories of your life. Let’s know about all tourist places in Cartagena with perfect information which will help you a proper guide for 15 best day trips from Cartagena.

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Here is The List of 15 Days Best Trips From Cartagena

La Boquilla

La Boquilla is one of the best options When you plan for Trips from Cartagena. La Boquilla is a small fishing village on the northeast road from Cartagena. These fishermen or sailors are always ready for a short journey so that there is no possibility of trouble for the passengers. And the most important thing is that nature can be experienced here in a unique way. Between December to February is the Best time to visit La Boquilla.In this time period, your trip to La Boquilla can be more enjoyable. Here is a list of hotels to stay at Nearby La Boquilla Playa Norte hotel By dot light or Morro’s suits apartments to stay at night.

The Old City

The Old City is one of the most beautiful cities in Cartagena. The nightLife in The old city is very interesting. Here you can see many historical places and the unique culture of Cartagena. the best option is a walking tour. there is more walking tour available including private tours or free walking tours. free walking tours are one of the best options to know all information about the old city of Cartagena. Eat at La Cevicheria is a national dish of the old city which you should try once when you come to visit in Old city. you can find out some street stalls where you can delicious food. Here is a list of hotels and restaurants to stay in night casa cordoba hotels which make a more enjoyable trip for tourists persons. best time to visit the old city is between December to march.

Pink Sea

The pink sea is Located about an hour north of Cartagena. The sea is, in fact, a salt mine, and the bright pink color can be seen only during the months of February and March when the water level is at its lowest. the pink sea is one of the best options to visit Trips from Cartagena. As a result of the low water level, concentrations of salt-eating microbes are at their highest, therefore turning the water this interesting pink color. This is one of the most unique things to do in Cartagena, there is no tour bus to take you. You may have to take a taxi to reach this place. The best time to visit the pink sea is between February to march. Here is a list of hotels nearby the pink sea like Mud volcano and galerazamba hotels.

White beach

Mostly people come to the white beach with couples. The atmosphere of the white beach affects people very much. That’s why this is a very popular place for Trips From Cartagena. There is a large yacht marina and plenty of cafes and a relaxing day out. This is a great idea for a day trip from Cartagena. It also houses some of the best villas in the resort and Lanzarote located on the southern tip of the island is a perfect choice for anyone looking to get the most delicious food. You can catch a boat in the morning from Playa Blanca to Bazurto Market. The best time to visit white beach is between December to march. Here is a list of some hotels nearby white beach Hilton Cartagena hotels and Plamaratio Hotels.

Party At Media Luna

A party at media luna is one of the best options for nightlife in Cartagena. If you are coming here on Wednesday night then sure to see a media luna party. Wednesday night in media luna organizes the biggest party at night that makes it more enjoyable and satisfies all your late-night party desires. its own nightclub on the second and third floors of its hostel, this weekly event has become a staple across the city as one of the best things to do in Cartagena at night. If you are coming on trips from Cartagena then surely you should come to the media luna party on Wednesday to make great memories of your tour. best time to visit in media luna party on Wednesday, Saturday, night or special events.

Tayrona National Park

Located a few hours away from Cartagena, Tayrona National Park is a great place for tourism in Cartagena. The beauty of the Tayrona national park is really perfect. there is a very big park and green mountains. Tayrona national park is most famous for its natural beauty. if you are coming for a trip from Cartagena. Tayrona Park is a place to watch and relax. You can also enjoy other activities like hiking, diving, and archeology. Verona Park is ideal for nature lovers who want to explore unique landscapes, have a relaxing time, watch sunrises and sunsets, take pictures. and love to see natural beauty then surely you should come to Tayrona National park. The best time to visit Tayrona National park is Between 1 to 15 February.

Islas Del Rosario

Islas Del Rosario is one of the best historic cities in Cartagena.IF you are coming for a trip from Cartagena and are interested to know about the history of Cartagena then sure you have to visit Islas del Rosario. you can know all history of Cartagena. Most travelers are unaware that Rosario Island is actually one of Colombia’s most important and protected national parks. Lust-worthy white sand beaches and stunning turquoise blue waters make it one of the best things to do in Cartagena. The best time to visit here is between December to march.in this time period if you plan to visit here then your trip can more enjoyable.

Playa Blanca

As the most popular attraction in Cartagena, it is one of the best beaches if you love to see beaches then Playa Blanca will be a name you’ll hear long ago and often. As soon as you arrive in Cartagena, you’ll be bombarded with offers and deals from a variety of people offering to bring you to Playa Blanca, so chances are you’ll end up here at one point or another. However, moderate your expectations a bit, as Playa Blanca is indeed a beautiful beach, but its overpopulation takes away from all its charm. The best time to visit Playa Blanca is between December to March.

Bazurto Market

Bazurto market is one of the most popular markets in Cartagena. Wake up early in the morning and head to the famous Mercado de Bazurto, a generally tourist-free market just 15 minutes from the city center. Discover local products at some of the largest food markets in the country, tour sales stalls, and experience the local culinary culture and the most representative products; which is full of fresh produce, including meat, herbs, fish, and vegetables. If you are coming on trips from Cartagena and you want to see the best market in Cartagena then Bazurto market is the perfect option for you. If you love to buy new and unique products you will find out lots of unique and best products in this market. best time to visit in Bazurto market during festivals.

The Little Lake

This place is not far from Bocagrande. If you like to walk in the morning then this is a good place as you can experience the music here. It attracts young bohemians who come to the calm waters to enjoy musical parties. The little lake is also the best option on trips from Cartagena. It’s very popular. The little lake you should come to visit here in the morning time to make the more enjoyable tour. The best time to visit The little lake is early morning. Here you can easily get to the restaurant to get food and stay here. The best time to visit the little lake is in the morning time.

Cafe Havana

Cafe Havana is a very popular salsa bar in Cartagena. As the self-proclaimed king of salsa. cafe Havana is more famous for night parties. if you love dancing and drinking. then cafe Havana is one of the best options for you. Located on the street corner just down the block from Media Luna, Cartagena’s most famous hostel, in the Getsemani district of Cartagena, this bar is open Wednesday through Saturday until 3 am. Here you can do lots of fun and make more fun on your trip Best time to visit Cafe Havana is at night.

Street Art Tour In Getsemani

Street art in Getsemani is one of the best tourist places in Cartagena. Here you can see amazing paintings, and street art and you will see more amazing paintings which make it more interesting to these places. If you are an art lover or you like painting then surely you should visit this place. and see the real beauty of Cartagena. you can also buy real paintings from the market. when you show real painting. that make good memories of your tourism. you can take selfies also with street paintings. and make a photo frame for memories of your life. The best time to visit is on a street art tour in Gethsemane between December to march.

Chiva Party Bus

If you’re really hungry for a party then jump in as a ride on the Chiva party bus and dance around Cartagena in style. Visiting the Chiva Party is one of the most exciting things to do in Cartagena at night and a great way to get a formal look at how wild nightlife can get in Colombia. Nightly Chiva costs around $32 USD in high season and includes rum and Coke, and live music on board, you can book nearby hotels like big boss and restaurant as well as admission to a nightclub at the end. best time to visit in Chiva party bus at the night. Sach is the best party place on the list of trips from Cartagena.

Snag a Photo With The Palenqueras

When you are coming to visit Cartagena and you didn’t take a photo with fruit Basket ladies. then your tour is almost incomplete. Because Fruit basket ladies are the symbol of Cartagena you can easily find out Fruit Basket ladies on a street corner. and you can buy fruit with basket ladies. the fruit of basket ladies’ quality is really good. If you come to Cartagena don’t miss taking photos with the fruit basket ladies. sure you should take some photos with fruit basket ladies. The best time to visit in snag a photo with the palenques between December to march.

Earth Bomb Island

This place is considered to be a very good place to visit in Cartagena. On the coast of Cartagena is the huge island of Tierra Bomba. The population of this place is about 9000 people, which welcomes visitors from the beach. The sandy white beach is the perfect way to break away from city life. There are different types of restaurants here, which you can take advantage of because the dish here is very tasty and delicious. you can book the best hotels and restaurants near earth bomb island to stay at night like namaste beach club and hotel or Hotel Fenix beach Cartagena. The best time to visit Earth bomb island is between December to march.


I hope that this article will be more helpful for you. Because in this article we have described 15 Best Day Trips From Cartagena, where you will find deep information and knowledge about the best places to visit in Cartagena and nearby hotels or restaurants to stay at night. If you are planning a tour of Cartagena then this article will surely fulfill your all information and needs regarding tourism. Thank You for reading this article.