Kashmir Great Lakes Trek: The Prettiest Trek Of India

Kashmir Gati has always been compared to heaven for its exotic beauty and enchanting location. innocent and calm. The Great Lakes of Kashmir is a very scenic hike as the “Eight Alpine Lakes” span a range of 13850 feet.

Her beauty is unmatched! During your hike, walk through lush meadows, enjoy panoramic views of the mountains, and explore aqua-green alpine lakes. Surely every day on this hike will be perfect!

Yes, Kashmir Great Lakes is one of the most beautiful treks in India.

Bliss is the heavenly meadow of Kashmir. Many pine and maple trees grow here. Further down the Gadsar Pass, wildflowers abound, and further on the flat fields of Satzal. Additionally, the lake is fed by patches of snow.

Experience the wonders of Kashmir Great Lakes Trekking and add it to your Himalayan travel diary!

Hikes offer 70-degree views, beautiful meadows, and alpine lakes every day.

View of gads pass trek in Kashmir great lakes trek

Marvel at the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

All lakes are great, but Gadsar is pristine due to its high altitude (13,800 feet above sea level). It sits on a glacier and is surrounded by lush meadows. Thus, giving the picturesque valley its perfect beauty.

The high Gadsar Pass offers a beautiful view of the valley and overlooks his two lakes, Kishansar and Vishansar.

On the other side are the lush grasslands of the Gadsar Valley. If you are planning a trip outside of India then you should read trips from Tulsa.

Best time for Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is very beautiful and moderately difficult in the Kashmir Valley. The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is perfect for those who love climbing. Hills sees it as a special purpose in life.

The best time to do this hike is from July 5th to the end of September. Especially during the June months, in the green and colorful Bugyal meadows, where snow is abundant, hiking will be an unforgettable experience.

During the day Kashmir Great Lakes Trek the temperature is 05°C to 18°C and at night it drops to 03°C to 08°C which is not bad.

You will never get tired of trekking the Great Lakes of Kashmir. This trek is nothing short of a pleasure. This trek will show you the culture and beauty of the Kashmir Valley and keep you connected to the mountains.

How difficult is the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek?

The trek to Kashmir’s Great Lakes is neither too difficult nor too easy. This hike is of moderate difficulty.

This hike is a bit moderate, but if you have a good level of fitness and a desire to hike, you can do it. You just need to be strong and able to trek. One is that I can only have courage and that I am passionate.

Unusual attractions of KGL Satsar Lake on Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Satzal’s meadows are surreal and streams run through them. Satsar Lake further enhances the beauty of the valley.

Another attraction of this trek is the descent from Gangabar.

During the descent, the hike offers the most spectacular views. Looking back, you can see the towering Halmuk peak. With further evidence of a cluster of yellow flowers and a single hut, the setting is idyllic. These attitudes are found only in Kashmir. Also, Satsar Lake and Green Bugyal are more beautiful Greenlands in the Kashmir Valley. This is a beautiful place between high snow-capped peaks that together make for a great view. Meanwhile, the meadow remains covered with snow. It turned out to be the most amazing monsoon trek in the Kashmir Valley. Additionally, it has a great ski area.

Why go on a trek to Kashmir’s Great Lakes?

The rationale for picking the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek must be understood before moving on to the schedule. First of all, the trekking distance must be covered in six nights and seven days. It is a total of 125 miles by cab from Srinagar to Srinagar and 68 km on foot. In direction of Srinagar. A low-altitude mountain excursion is the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. The elevation is 13850 feet.

In comparison to other treks, the beginning of this journey is easy to moderate. Therefore, families and beginners should enjoy this journey.

Need the appropriate clothing and tools for below-freezing temperatures?

There are pine forests, several species of flora and animals, and stunning twin lakes in Kashmir Ghati, which are surrounded by the Himalayan peaks and authentic Kashmiri culture. Additionally, spend some time interacting with our locals so that you can learn about our local cultures and some of the ancient tales of Indian mythology. This is a great choice for hikers. A spare battery and the right photography gear are required for stunning vistas.

Only 12 kilograms should be carried in the backpack. Trekkers must bring their photo ID, Adhar cards, passports, and visas to enter forest checkpoints during the walk.

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