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Game Pigeon is an iMessaging game that lets you play a range of other in-game with your friends. This game can be easily installed and deleted from your phone. However, this blog focuses on the Game Pigeon Hacks which will help you in winning against your friends on the gaming field. Teasing your friends after beating them in a game is really fun, and every reader will agree with it. This is also one reason why most of you are reading this blog, to find the right game pigeon cheats for big wins.

5 Game Pigeon Hacks to Rule the Nest

1. Anagrams – Game Pigeon Hacks

Anyone who has two mobiles and is good at multitasking can use this trick.

While you are playing the game on one phone, search the Word Unscrambler website on the other.

When you are playing the game, words like “STRWECGH” or other similar ones are shown. Type this same word in the Unscrambler website that you have opened on your other phone.

This website shows you all the results similar to the searched word, and you just have to quickly enter these words in your Anagram game to emerge victorious. The next time you play Anagram, make sure to take big bets as this game pigeon hack will help you to score a big win against your friends.

2. Word Hunt – Game Pigeon Hacks

You can win every match in this game with this tried and verified game pigeon hack.

For this one too, you need another phone.

As you open the Word Hunt game on your iPhone, you see a grid of scrambled words.

Now, on your second phone, go to the WordHuntsolver website, and enter the letters in the same manner on this website as it appears in the game.

This website shows you the maximum pattern of words and enables you to win the game with the highest scores.

3. Darts – Game Pigeon Hacks

Do you agree with me or not, that the majority of people love playing dart games irrespective of how good or mediocre they are at it? Dart games are fun to play and work as stress busters whether you play them on a device or in reality.

There are many blogs, articles, and videos that give you tips and tutorials explaining the best moves that will help you win after consistent practice.

What if we give you one gesture that sets the target right without any regular practice or special efforts whatsoever? Yes, you read it right, one gesture, and the game is on your side.

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ option on your iPhone.
  • Then, tap on the “Accessibility” option.
  • Now, tap on “Touch”.
  • Then, open “Assistive Touch”.
  • And, now create a “New Gesture”.

Touch and hold the screen, and without lifting your thumb up, move it upwards. After saving this gesture, open the dart game on your iPhone, and come back to “Assistive Touch” in your phone settings. Choose “Custom” and tap on your saved gesture, and you are all set to score better than your competitors.

After these settings, when you throw a dart there is a high probability of you scoring better than the others.

However, make sure that you have created the accurate gesture mentioned here. If not, do not worry, follow the same steps and you can create the gesture as many times as you want.

This is one of the best game pigeons cheats that you should try in your next dart game challenge with friends.

4. Cup Pong – Game Pigeon Hacks

This is one of the most popular and satisfying games in the Game Pigeon compilations, and with the right hacks, playing and winning this game becomes more fun.

This is a simple game where the competitors need to put more balls in the cup than the others to win.

The game follows the following simple rules:

  • This is a multiplayer game that requires a minimum of two players.
  • The one who starts the game gets the first chance,
  • To increase the score, the players have to put more balls in their respective cups.
  • Each player gets only one chance at a time, and if they fail, that player will get a second chance only after the other player.

After understanding the rules of this game, let’s see the Game Pigeon Hacks that will help you win the game.

Firstly, use enough power and try throwing the ball in the middle as this place helps you to score easily without any specific angle.

Secondly, focus on the cups that are placed in the front as they can be easily scored.

Then, with every throw, assess the angle that is getting you the most points, and continue with those angles only rather than experimenting with others.

5. 8 Ball Pool – Game Pigeon Hacks

There is no cheat-like trick available to win this one, but there are certain tips that can help you win more games than without using those.

In the first place, the first tip is to try being the first player in the game, as whoever starts the game has a higher chance of winning than the second one.

Then, in the initial rounds, always aim at the fourth ball in the bunch with the full force of your stick. This tip increases your chances of scoring more as you are likely to hit at least 1 or 2 balls.

Try these tricks, and let us know how well they work for you.

Final Words

These games we mentioned above are very popular that’s why we came up with these Game pigeon hacks. This trick is used by our team also and it’s worked well. This game Pigeon Hack is absolutely free and safe. On this, you will not even have to use any third-party apps. We will gradually bring more game pigeon hacks and add to this content. Follow these tricks exactly and enjoy winning every game.

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