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Trips from El Paso

15 Best Days Trips From El Paso

The sun city of the USA, El Paso is a beauty of natural wonders which provides the best experience of adventure sneakers opportunity. there are a number of weekend Getaways to make your trip fun or exciting trips from El Paso. When you are looking for a hike or museum to explore, there is no doubt there are some greater places to visit near El Paso. there are such areas to cover the region. longer trip over a three hour for a distance from the city center. This city is famous for a great road trips, rivers, mountains, zoo, huge buildings, museums, landscape, and amazing camping. There are many places near El Paso, where you can make your mind fresh. Know about the history, and see the unique architecture.

New Mexico and Texas are the main cities for traveling, where you can see Huge shopping malls, buildings, bars, clubs, and natural beauty. Now here we will discuss the 15 days of best trips from El Paso, Which will help you to choose traveling places.

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Here is The List of 15 Best Days Trips from El Paso

1. Aguirre Springs, New Mexico

Trips from el paso Aguirre Springs

Aguirre Springs is near Las Cruces on the Organ mountain. It is 45 minutes away from El Paso. there are a  lot of hiking trails. The most spectacular secession of the organ mountains is Needles. Entering and camping are good value at just from 5$ to 7$ respectively. Good views over a mountain reservation are a must for group site fees are 50$. The campsite is located at an altitude of 5,700 feet and it is respectively cold as well. Aguirre Springs of New Mexico takes first place in the list of 15 best days trips from El Paso.

2. Franklin Mountains State Park, Texas

Franklin mountains

Franklin mountains provide most of the basic necessities of life for early people here. a distance of just 15 minutes from El Paso. it explores high mountains. it is our need for time in nature. It is explored in almost 27,000acers (40 square miles to over 100 miles ) of trial. Don’t forget to carry plenty of water and a cell phone, wear good shoes, and dress according to the weather, with a travel partner. be prepared for an adventure in desert terrain. Stay at a campsite in the Tom Mays units. there are 14 tent campsites and visitors can advantage of the RV sites. 

3. El Paso Zoo, Texas

El Paso zoo

El Paso zoo is recognized as the best place to take the kiddos, this place is best the best place in 15 days on trips from El Paso. this zoo is expanded to 35 acres of fun and adventure. ElPaso zoo is an expansive green space that is home to exotic animals around the world and there are family attractions such as African stars Train and Hunt family Desert Spring feature and foster tree House Playground. The  El Paso Zoo celebrates the value of different animals and natural resources. there are over 220 species in the zoo including endangered animals such as the Amur leopard and the Aruba rattlesnake.

4. Keystone Heritage Park, El Paso

Keystone Heritage Park

Keystone Heritage Park is a 52-acre located in El Paso’s Upper Valley this is home to an array of birds including over 206 species, 22 of which are considered rare species. Children can have a good time spending time here the garden is comprised of a children’s garden, a moonlight garden, an ethnobotanical garden, and more. The Keystone Garden is also a great popular destination for weddings, receptions, and other events. Keystone Heritage Park is the third sculpture of the Xll Traveler memorials of the southwest Susan Magoffin. Susan Magoffin is a statue of a 7-Foot bronze and is the first woman of historical significance and the third statue to be included in the XII Travelers series.

5. Mckelligon Canyon Park, Texas

Mckelligon Canyon Park

This park is the best trip in El Paso it is 15 minutes away from El Paso. Located on the southeastern side of the Franklin Mountains and surrounding desert canyon lies the Mckellingon Canyon Park. This  Park is popular for rock climbing, hiking, running, and walking. This is most is also a lovely place to escape the Texas heat. Rock climbers have a great time as there are a variety of rock climbing routes. For a relaxing make your day full of fun end to an adventurous day, you can visit the cinemas which show family-friendly movies and hosts Viva El Paso. This park takes fifth place in the list of 15 best days trips from El Paso.

6. Big Bend Region, Texas

Big Bend Region

From mountains to plains to deserts nature is unstoppable in the Big Bend Region. Top tourist sites here include Marathon, Study Butte, Terlingua Ghost Town, Lajitas, and others. There are many services available here and you can spend your whole day getting to know the communities more than others. If you want you can even extend your stay as there are many options available from luxury to tents. Visitors can spend their good time hiking, jeep tours, horseback riding, tracking, river tours, and more. Distance from El Paso is 4 hours 32 minutes.

7. Hueco Tanks, Texas

Hueco Tanks

Located just 30 miles from El Paso, Hueco Tank is an important landmark. For thousands of years, people have camped in Hueco Tanks to explore the vast of plants and animals that live here. There are many mistified rock paintings many thousand years old. Visitors take benefits of rock climbing, hiking, tracking, and guided tours. Hueco Tanks is actually an area that has many low mountains and is located at a high-altitude desert basin between the Franklin and the Hueco Mountains which makes your 15-day trips from El Paso. it is the main ideal for hikers.

8. Plaza Theatre, El Paso

Plaza Theatre

Plaza theatre’s historic building in El Paso was built with Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and holds a unique and special place in the city’s history. The Plaza was designed like a  modern film house in  Spanish Colonial Revival style with the flexibility of presenting stage shows. Construction was fully completed in 1930. There are smaller 200-seat Philanthropy Theatre. The elaborate building is a marvel in itself and has decorative railings, painted ceilings, and floating clouds. The theatre holds productions for Broadway. 5 minutes from El Paso. It’s the main ideal for theater lovers.

9. Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Carlsbad Caverns national park is an American national park situated in the Guadalupe mountains. This National Park has more than 119 caverns and it has the nation’s deepest limestone cave “Lechguilla Cave” is also there inside in park. There are many tours offered throughout the year and the national park caverns make for a great day trip from El Paso. Tourist spots include High ancient sea ledges and deep rocky canyons,  cactus plant flowers, and desert wildlife. Distance from El Paso is 2 hours and 23 minutes. this main ideal place for adventure lovers.

10. The Chamizal National Park and Museum,

The Chamizal National Park and Museum,

A museum, which gives details on the history of the U.S.–Mexico border, is located inside the visitor center. there is more than a national park and is known for its stunning landscape. Visitors can picnic under the stars, and relax to make our 15-day trips from El Paso, most importantly the National Park is known for its dispute between Mexico and the United States in America. Chamizal National park has a memorial at the park celebrates the peace agreement of the boundary quarrel and the culture of the borderland. You can also visit the museum which is located on the same grounds as the park. Distance 5 minutes from El Paso. this place is the main ideal for historical lovers.

11. Cloudcroft, New Mexico


Cloud is a quiet village that is surrounded by the Lincoln National Forest and it is situated at 9,000 feet above sea level in New Mexico. Outdoor lovers can have great options to experience here doing hiking, mountain biking, fishing, horseback riding, and more. In the winter seasons you can do snow-tubing, and alpine and cross-country skiing. If you want to stay back then there are a variety of suitable lodges, cabins, hotels and many more. The distance from El Paso is 1 hour and 48 minutes.

12. Gila National Forest, New Mexico

Gila National Forest, New Mexico

In 1905, Gila national forest is expanded to 3 million acres of land which is covered in the southern part of the united states. this s the largest national forest in Mexico. It has lots of streams and up to 20 campgrounds. There are more hiking trails. Located two and a half hours away from El Paso and Gila National Forest makes for a great day trip from El Paso. Visitors can visit Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument and Catwalk National Recreation Trail. Located two and a half hours away from El Paso, Gila National Forest makes for a great day trip from El Paso. This is one of the best forests in the list of best days trips from El Paso.

13. Elephant Butte Lake, New Mexico

Elephant Butte Lake, New Mexico

Elephant Butte lovely lake in New Mexico, Elephant Butte Lake is a popular vacation and getaway from El Paso. The lovely climate and beautiful scenery of the area make it a popular destination throughout the year. This is the  84th largest man-made lake and one of the biggest lakes in New Mexico of the united state. Activities that can be enjoyed here are boating, fishing, camping, water sports, waterfalls, and many more exciting activities. it takes 1 hour and 51 minutes times from El Paso. it’s the main ideal for water lovers.

14. The Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas

The Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas

Guadalupe mountains national Park is  Stated as one of America’s best-kept secrets, the Guadalupe Mountains National Park totally formed on September 30, 1972. it is the highest point in Texas at 8.751(feet). If you are coming here for a day trip from El Paso then you can explore a diverse collection of flora and fauna, desert, forest, and much more. The fee for this park is $7 above 16 years per person and below the age required no charges.

15. Desert Peaks National Monument, Texas

Desert Peaks National Monument, Texas

This National monument was started to protect some historic monuments geologically, and biological resources are there. The Desert Peaks National Monument includes there four areas- the Organ Mountains, Desert Peaks, Potrillo Mountains, and Dona Ana Mountains. Visitors can make a part of your trip to make a good time here doing photography, hiking, mountain biking, camping, offroading, etc. If you would like to extend your 15-day trips from El Paso then there are different accommodations available along with other services like restrooms, potable water, electrical hookups, and picnic areas are available.


As you see, El Paso has many touring places to explore around the city, there are many in Texas and New Mexico. The given above places make your trip the best of El Paso you take the experience of high mountains, waterfalls, natural beauty, other types of flora and fauna, biking, jeep offroading, cinemas, and historic buildings. Hopefully, This content will help you to decide on the best places for trips from El Paso.

Trips From Cartagena

15 Days Best Trips From Cartagena

When you talk about attractive and beautiful cities. then Cartagena city definitely comes to mind. That’s why a trip from Cartagena is one of the best options for those who love traveling. This city is very attractive and has a line of wonderfully vibrantly colored buildings, music, delicious cuisine, and streets inside the old city walls, or street art of Gethsemane is an area full of excitement and many more huge list of beautiful places for great tourism. If you are going to start planning trips from Cartagena with your family, friends, couples, or kids and want to make beautiful memories of your life. Let’s know about all tourist places in Cartagena with perfect information which will help you a proper guide for 15 best day trips from Cartagena.

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Here is The List of 15 Days Best Trips From Cartagena

La Boquilla

La Boquilla Trips From Cartagena

La Boquilla is one of the best options When you plan for Trips from Cartagena. La Boquilla is a small fishing village on the northeast road from Cartagena. These fishermen or sailors are always ready for a short journey so that there is no possibility of trouble for the passengers. And the most important thing is that nature can be experienced here in a unique way. Between December to February is the Best time to visit La Boquilla.In this time period, your trip to La Boquilla can be more enjoyable. Here is a list of hotels to stay at Nearby La Boquilla Playa Norte hotel By dot light or Morro’s suits apartments to stay at night.

The Old City 

The Old City Trips From Cartagena

The Old City is one of the most beautiful cities in Cartagena. The nightLife in The old city is very interesting. Here you can see many historical places and the unique culture of Cartagena. the best option is a walking tour. there is more walking tour available including private tours or free walking tours. free walking tours are one of the best options to know all information about the old city of Cartagena. Eat at La Cevicheria is a national dish of the old city which you should try once when you come to visit in Old city. you can find out some street stalls where you can delicious food. Here is a list of hotels and restaurants to stay in night casa cordoba hotels which make a more enjoyable trip for tourists persons. best time to visit the old city is between December to march.

Pink Sea

Pink Sea

The pink sea is Located about an hour north of Cartagena. The sea is, in fact, a salt mine, and the bright pink color can be seen only during the months of February and March when the water level is at its lowest. the pink sea is one of the best options to visit Trips from Cartagena. As a result of the low water level, concentrations of salt-eating microbes are at their highest, therefore turning the water this interesting pink color. This is one of the most unique things to do in Cartagena, there is no tour bus to take you. You may have to take a taxi to reach this place. The best time to visit the pink sea is between February to march. Here is a list of hotels nearby the pink sea like Mud volcano and galerazamba hotels.

White beach

White Beach

Mostly people come to the white beach with couples. The atmosphere of the white beach affects people very much. That’s why this is a very popular place for Trips From Cartagena. There is a large yacht marina and plenty of cafes and a relaxing day out. This is a great idea for a day trip from Cartagena. It also houses some of the best villas in the resort and Lanzarote located on the southern tip of the island is a perfect choice for anyone looking to get the most delicious food. You can catch a boat in the morning from Playa Blanca to Bazurto Market. The best time to visit white beach is between December to march. Here is a list of some hotels nearby white beach Hilton Cartagena hotels and Plamaratio Hotels.

Party At Media Luna

party at media luna

A party at media luna is one of the best options for nightlife in Cartagena. If you are coming here on Wednesday night then sure to see a media luna party. Wednesday night in media luna organizes the biggest party at night that makes it more enjoyable and satisfies all your late-night party desires. its own nightclub on the second and third floors of its hostel, this weekly event has become a staple across the city as one of the best things to do in Cartagena at night. If you are coming on trips from Cartagena then surely you should come to the media luna party on Wednesday to make great memories of your tour. best time to visit in media luna party on Wednesday, Saturday, night or special events.

Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park

Located a few hours away from Cartagena, Tayrona National Park is a great place for tourism in Cartagena. The beauty of the Tayrona national park is really perfect. there is a very big park and green mountains. Tayrona national park is most famous for its natural beauty. if you are coming for a trip from Cartagena. Tayrona Park is a place to watch and relax. You can also enjoy other activities like hiking, diving, and archeology. Verona Park is ideal for nature lovers who want to explore unique landscapes, have a relaxing time, watch sunrises and sunsets, take pictures. and love to see natural beauty then surely you should come to Tayrona National park. The best time to visit Tayrona National park is Between 1 to 15 February.

Islas Del Rosario

Islas Del Rosario

Islas Del Rosario is one of the best historic cities in Cartagena.IF you are coming for a trip from Cartagena and are interested to know about the history of Cartagena then sure you have to visit Islas del Rosario. you can know all history of Cartagena. Most travelers are unaware that Rosario Island is actually one of Colombia’s most important and protected national parks. Lust-worthy white sand beaches and stunning turquoise blue waters make it one of the best things to do in Cartagena. The best time to visit here is between December to this time period if you plan to visit here then your trip can more enjoyable.

Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca

As the most popular attraction in Cartagena, it is one of the best beaches if you love to see beaches then Playa Blanca will be a name you’ll hear long ago and often. As soon as you arrive in Cartagena, you’ll be bombarded with offers and deals from a variety of people offering to bring you to Playa Blanca, so chances are you’ll end up here at one point or another. However, moderate your expectations a bit, as Playa Blanca is indeed a beautiful beach, but its overpopulation takes away from all its charm. The best time to visit Playa Blanca is between December to March.

Bazurto Market

Bazurto Market

Bazurto market is one of the most popular markets in Cartagena. Wake up early in the morning and head to the famous Mercado de Bazurto, a generally tourist-free market just 15 minutes from the city center. Discover local products at some of the largest food markets in the country, tour sales stalls, and experience the local culinary culture and the most representative products; which is full of fresh produce, including meat, herbs, fish, and vegetables. If you are coming on trips from Cartagena and you want to see the best market in Cartagena then Bazurto market is the perfect option for you. If you love to buy new and unique products you will find out lots of unique and best products in this market. best time to visit in Bazurto market during festivals.

The Little Lake

The little lake

This place is not far from Bocagrande. If you like to walk in the morning then this is a good place as you can experience the music here. It attracts young bohemians who come to the calm waters to enjoy musical parties. The little lake is also the best option on trips from Cartagena. It’s very popular. The little lake you should come to visit here in the morning time to make the more enjoyable tour. The best time to visit The little lake is early morning. Here you can easily get to the restaurant to get food and stay here. The best time to visit the little lake is in the morning time.

Cafe Havana

Cafe Havana

Cafe Havana is a very popular salsa bar in Cartagena. As the self-proclaimed king of salsa. cafe Havana is more famous for night parties. if you love dancing and drinking. then cafe Havana is one of the best options for you. Located on the street corner just down the block from Media Luna, Cartagena’s most famous hostel, in the Getsemani district of Cartagena, this bar is open Wednesday through Saturday until 3 am. Here you can do lots of fun and make more fun on your trip Best time to visit Cafe Havana is at night.

Street Art Tour In Getsemani

Street Art Tour In Getsemani

Street art in Getsemani is one of the best tourist places in Cartagena. Here you can see amazing paintings, and street art and you will see more amazing paintings which make it more interesting to these places. If you are an art lover or you like painting then surely you should visit this place. and see the real beauty of Cartagena. you can also buy real paintings from the market. when you show real painting. that make good memories of your tourism. you can take selfies also with street paintings. and make a photo frame for memories of your life. The best time to visit is on a street art tour in Gethsemane between December to march.

Chiva Party Bus 

Chiva Party Bus 

If you’re really hungry for a party then jump in as a ride on the Chiva party bus and dance around Cartagena in style. Visiting the Chiva Party is one of the most exciting things to do in Cartagena at night and a great way to get a formal look at how wild nightlife can get in Colombia. Nightly Chiva costs around $32 USD in high season and includes rum and Coke, and live music on board, you can book nearby hotels like big boss and restaurant as well as admission to a nightclub at the end. best time to visit in Chiva party bus at the night. Sach is the best party place on the list of trips from Cartagena.

Snag a Photo With The Palenqueras

Snag a Photo With The Palenqueras

When you are coming to visit Cartagena and you didn’t take a photo with fruit Basket ladies. then your tour is almost incomplete. Because Fruit basket ladies are the symbol of Cartagena you can easily find out Fruit Basket ladies on a street corner. and you can buy fruit with basket ladies. the fruit of basket ladies’ quality is really good. If you come to Cartagena don’t miss taking photos with the fruit basket ladies. sure you should take some photos with fruit basket ladies. The best time to visit in snag a photo with the palenques between December to march.

Earth Bomb Island

Earth Bomb Island

This place is considered to be a very good place to visit in Cartagena. On the coast of Cartagena is the huge island of Tierra Bomba. The population of this place is about 9000 people, which welcomes visitors from the beach. The sandy white beach is the perfect way to break away from city life. There are different types of restaurants here, which you can take advantage of because the dish here is very tasty and delicious. you can book the best hotels and restaurants near earth bomb island to stay at night like namaste beach club and hotel or Hotel Fenix beach Cartagena. The best time to visit Earth bomb island is between December to march.


I hope that this article will be more helpful for you. Because in this article we have described 15 Best Day Trips From Cartagena, where you will find deep information and knowledge about the best places to visit in Cartagena and nearby hotels or restaurants to stay at night. If you are planning a tour of Cartagena then this article will surely fulfill your all information and needs regarding tourism. Thank You for reading this article.

Trips from Portland Maine

15 Best Days Trips From Portland Maine

Portland, Maine in England is a very wonderful and amazing place for a trip. There are many things to do in Portland. As you enjoy their creative cuisine, enjoy the craftsman’s art, and enjoy the maritime culture of Portland. If you want to know more about Portland Maine just pack your bags and have some food and then enjoy the best day trips from Portland Maine with us. We will make your trip a memorable one. But first, let’s know some basic history of Portland city. Portland is an Old English word which is meant that land surrounding a harbor. It is also known as the Economic capital of England. In Portland, you may see the largest tonnage seaport in New England. 

There are soo many famous destinations in portland where you can enjoy with your family and friends and spend a very memorable time of your life. Portland is also popular for there Nightlife and architecture. So come and let’s continue our trip to Portland and let us know about how we can make our day trips from Portland Maine.

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There are 15 Best Day Trips From Portland Maine

Portland is a very Famous and amazing place. There are many places to visit in portland. But the question is which places are best? So here our team will find this solution for us. And they will try to make it easy and the best trip for us. They will find some best 15 places to make Best Day Trips From Portland Maine. So There are places to visit in portland. Where we can make our trip adventures, fantastic and memorable with our family and friends. So Come and let’s start your trip with us. 

1. Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor trips from Portland Maine.

Bar Harbor is located on Mount Desert in Hancock country, Maine, US. It is the most famous Tourist place in Down east area of Maine. In Bar Harbour, there are many things to Explore like the variety of hotels, Restaurants, Shops, etc. And You can also Enjoy Acadia National park.

It is also popular for its View of islands, Yachts, boats, and Coastal beauty. Bar harbor is a very special and beautiful place in Maine. It is not very far from portland you take only 4 to 5 hours approx by road. Bar Harbor is 115 miles far from portland. 

Best time to visit Bar Harbor: If You want to visit Bar Harbour then you will visit from September to Starting of October. Because its weather is soo cold and wonderful at this time. It has Above Freezing point temperatures these days.

2. Camden

Camden trips from Portland Maine.

Camden Is the best place for ocean lovers Because it is the perfect place for ocean adventures. Camden is a coastal town in Maine. It’s Also a famous administrative center in London. In Camden, you can enjoy the best seafood, shopping, antiques, and a fresh environment. Its seafood is very tasty, especially lobster. You can also enjoy shopping for sea shells. Visiting Camden is the very best day trip from portland Maine. It is 80.9 miles far from portland you take 1 to 2 Hours approx to visit this beautiful place.

Best time to visit Camden: In September is the best season to visit Camden because at this time you can enjoy here their festivals, activities, and seasonal events. 

3. Sebago lake

Sebago Lake

Sebago lake is the third best place to visit in port land because it is the most famous lake in the united states and is the very deepest and the second largest lake in Maine. the anime Sebago is an Indian word that means the great stretch of water so this lake has got this name. if you visit here then you can enjoy here powerboats, sailer and many things to enjoy this location are very adventures. It is 20.3 miles far from portland you can take 1 hour approx.

Best time to visit Sebago lake:- In spring seasons for their best environment but visitors can come here and time for fishing.

4. Freeport


It will contain four small villages mast landing, poster landing, South freeport, and freeport corner. Freeport is famous for its best outlet stores which are open 24 hours. It is also very popular in neck wood State park, the desert of Maine. this park is made up of rocky Shorelines, beaches, etc. Freeport is only 16 miles far from the portland.

Best time to visit Freeport:- Ending September and starting October is the best time to visit freeport because during this time you can enjoy the beautiful vanity of colors of the grand leaf tableau.

5. Bethel


Bethel is a very famous hill station and it is located in the United States, Maine, and Oxford country. In Bethel, you can enjoy skiing, hiking, and many more. Mostly peoples are con to here for the best and most beautiful view and it offers you some mountains areas for enjoying your trip. It is a very peaceful adventure place to spend your vacations. The Mountains are looking soo pretty and Osm.

You can spend your best time with your family in a wonderful place of trips From Portland. It is 4.9 miles far from portland you can take only 20min with your car.

Best Time to Visit Bethel:- Mid-June to September last for enjoying the snow.

6. Acadia National Park  

Acadia National Park

This Famous American National Park is located in Maine, Bar Harbour. You can enjoy here Many interesting Outdoor activities like hiking, Nature Walks, Children’s programs, And evening amphitheater Programmes. Those peoples love cycling then its place is best for these people. It is 160 miles far from portland you take only 3 hours.

Best time to visit Acadia National Park:- March, April, and May is the best time to visit Acadia National Park because people can enjoy fog and rain in this season.

7. Peaks Island

Peak island

Peak island is a very famous place in portland. This island is the best place in summer because on peaks island are various hotels and cottages. You can is also famous for theaters and amusement parks. It is also popular for swimming on sandy beaches. It is also the best day trip from Portland Maine. It is only 3.8 miles far from portland you can take only 15 to 20 min by car.

Best time to visit Peaks Island:- The best time to visit peaks island is summer.

8. Boothbay Harbor


In Boothbay, Harbor people visit here to enjoy food, festival, fireworks, concert, and many more in June. It is also very popular for Yachting.  It is located in the United States, Lincoln country, and Maine. Boothbay Harbor is famous because it is fully loaded with wonderful shops, restaurants, and many things and really It is also the best day trip from portland Maine. It is only 34 miles far from Portland you can take only 1 hour 15 minutes by car.

Best time to visit Boothbay Harbor:- The best time to visit to this place in October.

9. Bath [City of ships]


Bath The city of ships it is located in the United states Sagadahoc country Maine. It is a very famous city with tourists many drawn by its 19th century. Its popular festival like iron works and heritage is very famous in Maine. Bath is part of a metropolitan and statistical area. It is 36 miles far from portland you take only 37 minutes with your car.

Best time to visit Bath:- there is no best time to visit here you can come any time but summertime is best to enjoy outdoor activities.

10. Deer Isle

Deer isle

Deer isle is the best place to visit in portland because it is a very beautiful and wonderful place in Maine. it is located in deerock country, Maine, US. It is the best to place for photoshoots, painting, feeling nature, and outdoor activities. This is also popular for its haystacks mountain, crafts, and town of many art galleries. Deer isle is 88 miles far from portland you can take only 3 hours by road. 

Best time to visit Deer Isle:- The best time to visit Deer Isle is June because at this time you can enjoy the hot weather of portland.

11. Stonington


Stonington is the best place to visit in Portland and is also the best day trip from Portland Maine.

It is located in New London, Maine. It is popular for its historic houses and tree-lined villages. This place of portland is very beautiful and wonderful. It is 87 miles far from portland and you take only 4 hours to visit this place. 

Best time to visit Stonington:- The best time to visit this place in June and August.

12. Damariscotta


Damariscotta is one of the best destinations because this place is very beautiful and very famous for the river of small fish. In this place, you can explore the two thousand-year-old oyster shell which is very charming and beautiful. Damariscotta is also popular for its unique workshop which is a fantastic achievement and its costume festival is very amazing. It is 45 miles far from portland you can take only 60 minutes by car.

Best time to visit Damariscotta:- The best time to visit here is June to September.

13. The Kennebunks

The Kennebunks

If you are a fishing lover then this place is best for you because it is a very popular place for shipbuilding and fishing. Kennebunks are located in the UK country, Maine, US. It also has blueberry fields and the brick store museum which makes it the best and most popular. It is also the best day trip from Portland Maine. It is 29 miles far from portland you take only 45 minutes by car.

Best time to visit Kennebunks:- June and October is the best time to visit Kennebunk.

14. Portland Museum of Art

The Portland Museum of Art

It is the place which is where you can explore historic things and you will know more about portland historically. It is started in 1882 as the portland society of art. It is also located in Maine, United States. It explains the historic beauty of portland. You can explore here amazing paintings, and antiques and you can also enjoy the art of the people. It is in portland you can take only 15 to 20 minutes by car.

Best time to visit the Portland Museum of Art:- You can any time visit here.

15. Bradbury Mountain

Bradbury Mountain

Bradbury Mountain is last but not the least place to visit in portland. It is also the best place to visit in portland. It is located in north portland and you can visit here to enjoy the hiking and historic park it is founded in 1939. This park is very amazing with some best facilities including restrooms, picnic spots, and many more things. You can also enjoy the horseriding. This place is not very far from portland you can visit it here in a few minutes and you can enjoy day trips from portland Maine.

Best time to visit Bradbury Mountain:- You can visit here in winter because you can enjoy the here snow at this time.


So how was your trip of portland with us i know you have enjoy and we tried to make your trip memorable and amazing. Portland is not a small place in this article we Already discussed some 15 Best Day Trips From Portland Maine. Portland is very amazing place and their environment and nature and many things we allreay discussed like Portland Museum, Bath, Bethel, deer isle, and many best place to visit. We explained you portland best places you can enjoy here hiking, adventure, and you and do fishing and you also explore the historic portland and then you know the best experience with us.

In this Article Our team is select and suggest you some best Best Day Trips From Portland Maine to you for enjoy your trip with friends and  Famiy. Now lets start you tirp with friend and family and make your trip amazing and fantastic. Thanks to connect with us if you can not understand any point so please comment below our team will take action and solve your quarry as soon as possible.

Trips from Tulsa

Top 15 Days Best Trips From Tulsa

Tulsa is the second largest city in the state of Oklahoma and is located at the center of Kansas and Arkansas with some interesting places, it’s also known as the Oil City of the world. If you are looking for great culture and a rich legacy, then Tulsa is one of the best places to visit and to know some historical secrets and incredible miracles. Entertainment and enjoyment are the common things that you can find easily on trips from Tulsa. If you are a foodie person and love clubbing, then this place is for you because lots of clubs, restaurants, museums, huge buildings, and shopping malls in the Blue Dome Entertainment District. The unique creativity and art of the places are adorable, you will never forget it. Surrounding places of Oklahoma are home to many natural and cultural destinations with huge parks and a gorgeous waterfall.

This city gave you a great experience of a road trip, rivers, mountains, zoo, old historic caves, huge buildings, 19th-century homes along with museums, landscape, and amazing camping. There are many places near Tulsa, where you can make your mind fresh. Know about the history, and see the unique architecture. Now here we will discuss the Top 15 days of best trips from Tulsa to spend some quality time with family, friends, and kids. Click here to know about the Top 15 places to visit in Delhi in 2022.

List of 15 best days trips from Tulsa

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City trips from tulsa

Oklahoma City has located 170km from Tulsa and is famous for its historical building and wealth. The eclectic Bricktown has lots of places for entertainment like bars, clubs, restaurants, and hotels. You can’t find an awesome view of the sunset from the famed Lake anywhere else. If you love boating and fishing then Hefner park is a good place for you to spend time. This city is also famous for horse shows. Oklahoma city stands on number one in the list of trips from Tulsa. This city has everything which makes your tour rememberable and you want to come here again and again. There are many lover points also where you can spend some quality time.

Turner Falls Park

Turner Falls Park trips from Tulsa

Turner Falls Park is mostly famous for waterfalls, fishing, and caves. Water falls from the 77-foot height into a beautiful natural swimming hole. Turner falls park is an incomparable destination to visit with family, friends, and kids to spend some quality time. Secrets of caves are exciting for people due to their history and oldness. Swimming holes, climbing spots, jumps, and hidden caves make this palace perfect for a family tour. You can’t forget the beauty of turner falls park easily because it will keep in your mind till your life. Everyone should visit here at least once with family to enjoy and make your mind fresh.

Eufaula Lake

Eufaula Lake

Eufaula Lake is one of the largest lakes in Oklahoma city and is located 84km from Tulsa. This lake spans around 100,00 surface acres. If you are a fishing and water activities lover then this is such a great place for you to spend time. A place where you can find rare fishes and makes your journey interesting with boating. Eufaula lake has peaceful beaches, which are backdroped by pine trees and great places to time spend. You can spend your whole day in the sun and have some tasty dishes. You can also enjoy hiking, horse riding, bike riding, see animals along with golf games.

Red Rock Canyon State Park

Red rock canyon state park

Red rock canyon state park is located 260km from Tulsa with very high and old Cliffs. Cliffs are the major attraction point of this state park. Hiking, bird watching, climbing, and rappelling are the main activity of this Red Rock Canyon State Park and these activities make it a more visiting place for visitors. This state park is backdroped by some small rivers and valleys with uniqueness, which makes it a more beautiful place to spend a few days trips from Tulsa. During the wet season, a great view of floral you will never find at any other place.



Pawhuska is located 58km far from Tulsa. Pawhuska gives you an amazing feeling of western culture. It is also known for foodies, historic, and native Americans. Peoples come here to know the history of Pawhuska and taste some special dishes. Pawhuska town is named for Chief Paw-hui-skah. Pawhuska has the Osage Nation Museum, which shows the Native Americans hand made tools and great art. More than two thousand bison and other animals are living there. If you love history and want to know more about old art, this place is waiting for you to explore more.

Beavers Bend State Park

Beavers bend state park

Beavers bend state park is located 330km far from Tulsa. A beautiful winding road is the most attractive place for visitors in Beaver bend state park and the mountains of this park are very famous in the USA. This park spans around 1300 acres with a broken bow lake and is covered by a national forest and one of the best parks on the list of trips from Tulsa. Mountain rivers also flow from beavers bend state park. If you are planning a family picnic to enjoy and spend some time with your family, then this is the best place for you to spend the whole day.

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge has located 204km from Tulsa and 29km from Wichita city. This Wichita mountains wildlife refuge spans around 59,000 acres. A great place for the nature lover to spend some time with greenery and peacefully. If you are planning for one day tour then this is the place where you can find rare animals and landscapes along with sunset and greenery. This place is for animal lovers because you can find rare animals here and see the different breeds of buffalo. Apart from this zoo and mountains, Wichita city is also famous for its great architecture, museum, and 19th-century homes.

Grand Lake

The Grand Lake

The Grand Lake is located 793km far from Tulsa and this is one of the most visiting lakes for trips from Tulsa. Grand Lake spans around 46,000 acres of water. Sach is a great place to do some unique activities with families like parasailing, boating, swimming, and jet skiing also. Near Grand Lake, there are many villages, residential areas, and museums as well which indicate the 18th-century lifestyle and a good place for picnics with kids. Here you can spend more than one day and hotels and other facilities are also available nearby the grand lake, which will make your journey easy.

Little Sahara State Park

Little Sahara State Park

Little Sahara State Park is located 182km far from Tulsa. There is a desert in the Middle of Oklahoma and it’s known as Little Sahara State Park. This park spans over 1000 acres along with towering dunes and a few of the dunes high is across 76 feet. If you are planning for some outdoor activities like buggy and quad biking then this is an awesome place for you to do different activities. Staying facilities are also available here to stay at night. This is the only desert place on this list, so you should visit at least once to enjoy some different activities.



Arcadia is located 22km far from Tulsa. In this small town, you can find a few quick attractions like Old Round Barn, The Route 66 John Hargrove’s Place, Oklahoma County Auto Trim, and Mini Museum. In case you have a shortage of time and want to visit an awesome view place, then Arcadia is waiting for you.  Lake and river are also there for swimming, boating, fishing, jet skiing, and camping also. These activities are best for picnics with kids and family. Hotel facilities are also available here to stay nearby of your destination. Arcadia is a great destination on the list of trips from Tulsa.

Blue Hole Park

Blue Hole Park

Blue Hole Park is located 62km far from Tulsa. During the hot summer month, a blue hole park is a great place for a holiday trip with family. The water of this park is very clean like crystal and such a good place for resting. Table facilities are also there to eat something your own food and drink. The natural water hole is best for kids swimming and for adults also. Sach is a good place to visit and enjoy with family at a low cost. Blue Hole Park is a favorite park for kids because it will give you a full package of picnics.

Sequoyah State Park

Sequoyah State Park

Sequoyah State Park is located 48km far from Tulsa. You can see the beautiful Sequoyah state park on the shores of Fort Gibson Lake. Boating and swimming on a huge water shoreline is the main attraction point for people. Nice place for a picnic on the list of trips from Tulsa. Apart from this horse riding and hiking are the best things to do in Sequoyah state park. You can hire a boat and bike boating and ride for a whole day to enjoy personally with your family members. You can also purchase some tasty food and drink from the shop. This state park view will increase the taste of your food.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is located 125km far from Tulsa. You can find the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Arkansas. This museum is a great place for art lovers and visitors who always try to find something unique and old. Hiking facilities are also available which gives an awesome feeling. Sach is a great and unique presentation of architecture. This museum is one of the most visiting museums near Tulsa because of its great building structure. The different style of the museum makes it a more memorable place for visitors.

Natural Falls State Park

Natural Falls State Park

Natural Falls State Park is located 79km far from Tulsa. It is also known as Dripping Springs. Natural Falls State Park is one of the most beautiful waterfall destinations in the state. This place is best for the nature lover. Water falls from the 77-foot height giving it an attractive look. Hiking, fishing, and playing a few games like volleyball are the main activity to do in this state park. Everyone should visit at least once there if you are planning trips from Tulsa with family to see a natural beauty and spend some time with amazing nature. Here you will feel nature’s beauty and peace.

Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs is located

Eureka Springs is located 150km far from Tulsa. Eureka Springs is a small town in Arkansas and is mostly famous for its numerous lakes and victoria style buildings. If you are a shopping lover, then this best place for your to purchase different and unique things. You can find lots of boutiques and local stores, where you can buy greeting cards, pottery, and jewelry as well. This place is such a fun getaway for visitors because of its unique architecture and historical places to see something different. Eureka springs are the best place to purchase handmade products and you can gift these products to your family and friends.

Last thought

We have described this content to help you decide on trips from Tulsa. If you are looking for a tour or holiday with family during a hot summer month to see nature, then Turner Falls Park, Eufaula Lake, Red rock canyon state park, Grand Lake, Blue Hole Park, and Natural Falls State Park are the best option for you to feel fresh and relax. Some people like unique history and adventure, then Red Rock Canyon State Park, Pawhuska, Sequoyah State Park, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, and Eureka Springs are great places for them. In this modern generation bars, clubs, hotels, shopping malls, and beaches are the main attraction points for young people, then they can visit Oklahoma City, Arcadia, and Eureka Springs. Surrounding places of Tulsa are rich in history and famous for adventure.

Best places to visit in Mumabi

Top 10 best places to visit in Mumbai

Mumbai the capital of Maharashtra is one of the busiest and largest cities in India as well as commercial capital also. Mumbai also known as a dream city, has lots of people come to Mumbai to fulfill their dream. Mumbai is also the tourism center of Maharastra. It’s also a good place to chill with friends and family, you can see huge hotels, malls, clubs,s and gardens in Mumbai. Great heritage and it’s also famous for its British architecture and culture. If you are looking for entertainment then definitely you will find the film city in the list of the Top 10 best places to visit in Mumbai. One of the largest film industries Bollywood also stays in Mumbai, you can easily meet your Bollywood favorite artist. It’s also the most expensive city in a matter of real estate. People are living in the huge buildings as well as in the Dharavi slum also. Dharavi slum is the largest slum in Asia. Ganesh Chaturti is the most famous festival in Mumbai, You never find a Ganesh Chaturti celebration anywhere like Mumbai. Everyone should visit Mumbai at least once before dying. Now here we will talk about the Top 10 best places to visit in Mumbai.

Gateway of India

Gateway of India

If you are thinking about the Top 10 best places to visit in Mumbai, then The Gateway of India will be always on the Top. Because Gateway of India is one of the most visiting places in Mumbai located in south Mumbai. It was built in 1924 with a height of 85 feet to welcome King George V and Queen Mary to India. The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is also located in front of the Gateway of India. You will never find the charm of Gateway of India with its Sea and huge hotels anywhere else. 

Specialty:- Eat some street foods, Photoshoot in Front of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, and feel the amazing sea view.

Entry fees:- There are no entry fees it’s free.

Timing:- 7 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Haji Ali Shrine

Haji Ali Shrine

Haji Ali Shrine is the mausoleum of well-known Muslim Saint Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari is arranged on the islet around 500 yards from the Worli. If you are looking to pray in a peaceful atmosphere, then haji Ali Dargah is the best option for you. You can spend your hold day in there and time will spend very quickly. People from various religions visit there to pray and enjoy.

Specialty:- Enjoy the Quwali every Friday and Pray with a charming view of the sea.

Enter Fees:- No entry fees.

Timing:- 5.30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Elephanta Caves

Elephanta Caves

The Elephanta Caves are located on Elephanta Island Mumbai also known as Gharapurichi Leni. It’s also on the list of seven wonders of India. UNESCO declared the Elephanta Caves a world heritage site in 600 AD. There are mainly seven caves and the first caves represent ancient Hindu architecture. The stone sculptures of Hindus and Buddhist divine beings are harmed by the Portuguese since they involved them in sword practice. Sach is a great place to see ancient Hindu architecture, people should add Elephanta Caves’ name to their list of the top 10 best places to visit in Mumbai.

Specialty:- See the sculptures of Hindus and Buddhist gods, Explore the Caves, and enjoy ferry rides.

Entry fees:- 40 rupees for Indians and 250 rupees for foreigners.

Timing:- 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Marine Drive

Marine Drive

Marine Drive is a 3km road bay in the shape of “C, located in the southern part of the city. ‘C shape linked Nariman Point and Babulnath. Marine Drives is also known as sonapur. Frequently alluded to as the “Queen’s Necklace”, Marine Drive is a famous place of interest among Mumbai’s delightful spots. Sach is a chill place for college and working youngers. Night charm with sunset gives you a feel of the next level. Everyone should feel this charm at least once in a life and it’s a nice place among the best places to visit in Mumbai.

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Specialty:- walk around Marine Drive, enjoy the college’s younger talent and eat some Chowpatty foods.

Entry fees:- No entry fees.

Timing:- Open 24/7.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is one of the busiest and most charming railway stations in India and it’s also the headquarters of the central railways. UNESCO declared the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus a world heritage site in 2004. Earlier it was known as Victoria Terminus. The building of Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus represents great and modern architecture. The construction of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus was completed in the year 1897.

Specialty:- Railway station, Gothic Architecture

Entry fees:- no fees.

Timing:- Open 24/7 all days.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is Asia’s most visiting park. This park is mostly famous because of the amazing flora, fauna, and natural landscape presence. You can explore the 2400-year-old caves in Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Park is a very enjoyable place for kids. Trimurti temple is also there if you like a tiger and lion safari then it’s also available there, means it’s the perfect place to visit with kids or friends.

Specialty:- Visit Trimurti temple, Tiger and Lion Safari, Flora,  fauna, and caves.

Entry fees:- 60 rupes.

Timing:- 7.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.

Siddhivinayak Temple

Siddhivinayak Temple

Siddhivinayak Temple is located at Prabhadevi Mumbai. This Temple is one of the most visiting temples, even Apple Ceo Tim Cook started his Indian business journey from this temple. If you are seeking peace and want to pray, then this temple is best for you. People come here from around the world. Mostly Bollywood artists come here to pray to Lord Ganesha. If you want any temple on your list of best places to visit in Mumbai then this is the best option for you.

Specialty:- Hinduism, Worship.

Entry fees:- No fees.

Timing:- 12.30 pm to 7.20 pm.

Juhu Chowpatty

Juhu Chowpatty

There is no doubt that Mumbai is the perfect package of islands. Juhu beach is one of the most famous and longest beaches in Mumbai. People visit here to enjoy the sea view and tasty food like pav bhaji and gola ice cream. Most Bollywood celebrities are also staying near Juhu Chowpatty. Juhu Chowpatty always falls under the best places to visit in Mumbai, because an enjoyable place for kids, photoshoots, and a chill place for younger and walking places as well.

Specialty:- Eat the street food, watch the sunset and relax.

Entry fees:- No fees.

Timing:- Open 24/7.

Mumbai Markets

Mumbai Markets

Mumbai is known for its fashion and you can see huge markets/malls in Mumbai. Chor Bazaar is the largest flea market in India for the almost 150-year-old market. Colaba Causeway, Linking Road, Hill Road, and Fashion road offer a few extraordinary decisions for fashionistas at exceptionally low expenses. Purchase planner imitations, garbage gems, and, surprisingly, marked garments here at planned rates. You can find almost everything here.

Specialty:- Shopping according to your budget, eat at a nearby cafe.

Entry fees:- No entry fees.

Timing:- Open every day.

Global Vipassana Pagoda

Global Vipassana Pagoda

Worldwide Vipassana Pagoda is a medicine corridor worked to address the image of harmony and concordance. It was first settled in February 2009 and was initiated by the previous President of India – Pratibha Patil. The lessons here endeavor to instruct individuals about Lord Buddha, and his lessons and eliminate any misconceptions in regards to Vipassana. The focal vault of the structure is the world’s biggest arch with no point of support and the pagoda style is a statement of appreciation to Burma, for protecting the act of Vipassana.

Specialty:- Lord Buddha, Meditation

Entry fees:- no entry fees.

Timing:- 9 am – 6:30 pm.


There are many tourist places to visit in Mumbai but above mention, all the tourist places are the best places to visit in Mumbai, Because they cover everything like- the sea, natural beauty, market, temples, and food as well. People should come to Mumbai to know they full fill there dreams hot hard the work they do. Sach is a great place to be a rich person through hard work, Bollywood artists are the best example of it.

Best places to visit in India

Top 10 best places to visit in INDIA

India is a land of languages, history, religion, and traditions. India ranks 2nd number in the list of world populations and 7th number in the world’s largest country by area, which means you will find multiple languages in one place and a huge market with a worthy price. All the cities are totally different from each other, people visit several times in India cities because of their different experiences. Somewhere you will find old history and somewhere places like Beaches, Markets, and Malls. Everyone should visit India at least once to enjoy themselves with friends, and family. In India, you will get different types of dishes, temples, forts, etc. Now here we will know about the top 10 Best Places to Visit in India. It will help to choose the places.



If you are talking about the top 10 best places to visit in India then Rajasthan is one of the best states to visit because of its tradition, function, and old historical places. In Rajasthan, you can Visit Jaipur which is also known as the pink city. In Jaipur you will find Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Amer Fort, Jantar Mantar. Jaipur is the capital also of Rajasthan and its largest city of Rajasthan. Udaipur is also a very famous place in Rajasthan. In Udaipur, you can visit Bagore Ki Haveli, Museum City, Palace of, Udaipur Lake, Pichola Shri, Ekling Ji Temple, and Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace. Jodhpur and Ajmer all are very great places to visit with family and friends. People also know Jodhpur as a blue city. There are several other places for tourism.

Best places in Rajasthan:-

Udaipur, Jaipur, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Chittorgarh, Mount Abu, and Jaisalmer. 



The capital of India Delhi also a great place for Historical places of Mughals and old huge markets. Delhi offers you to visit places several times because of totally different experiences places. Red Fort is one of the most famous and favorite place to visit and many different places also. One of the oldest and busiest markets Chandni Chowk also in Delhi, where you will find old and rare products. Huge malls, Buildings, companies, and markets are available in Delhi. mostly foreigners visit Delhi because of the tasty dishes and the old history of Delhi. All types of hotels are available in Delhi to stay near your destination.

Best places in Delhi:-

Red Fort, India Gate, Rajghat, Lotus Temple, Chawdani Chowm, Caunagut place, Akshardham, Purana Quila, Hauz Khas, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, and several other places.



Agra is one of the famous cities of state Uttar Pradesh. When people say Agra, the First thing that comes into mind is The Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is counted among the top 10 best places to visit in India as holiday destinations for architecture lovers and history buffs, Sach is a great creation by the Mughals. Many times you can visit the Taj Mahal but the cham of it will never down. Taj Mahal is a great designation to spend time with lovers, family, friends, and children. The Taj Mahal is proud of the nation. Agra is also very famous for tasty food and shopping.

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Best place in Agra:-

Agra Fort, Jama Masjid, Abkar’s Tomb, Itimad-ud-Daulah’s Tomb, Mehtab Bagh, Gurudwara Guru Ka Taal, Dolphin Water Park, boat driving in Yamuna river, Wildlife Conservation and Care Centre.



Goa is one of the most modern and most chill places in the list of top 10 best places to visit in India. Goa is famous for its beaches, Hotels, and Clubbing, Mostly People come here for their honeymoon, New year’s celebration, Christmas celebration, and other personal celebrations like birthdays, marriage anniversaries, honeymoon, etc. If you want a peaceful and economic place, then you should try to visit Goa, If you are in desperation then also you can visit Palolem Beach. Palolem Beach is one the most famous place in Goa for enjoyment.

Best place in Goa:-

Palolem Beach, Dudhsagar Falls, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Aguada Fort, Baga Beach, Anjuna Beach, Calangute Beach, Shree Mangesha Temple, Immaculate Conception Church.



During the time of Summar Manali was always on the list of top 10 best places to visit in India. People come here for its cool and awesome weather. You can’t compare the view of Manali with any other places. Manali is situated in the Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh. Snow-capped mountains, dense forests, riverine valleys, and sparkling streams add to the beauty of the hill station and make it one of the most popular holiday destinations in India. Mostly Manali is famous for adventure sports, forests, monasteries, temples, and valleys.

Best place in Manali:-

Manu Temple, Hidimba Devi Temple, Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk Art, Jogini Falls, Himalayan Nyinmapa Tibetan Buddhist Temple, Nehru Kund, Mall Road.



Munnar is located in the Western Ghats in the state of Kerala with natural beauty and greenery. You can experience the Munnar excellently from the time of June to August. The hill station of rolling hills, scenic valleys, virgin forests, waterfalls, streams, national parks, tea and spice plantations, and winding walkways. Munnar is a popular destination for British people because of English colonial bungalows, churches, hills,s, and cottages. Speed boating and horse riding at Mattupetty Dam are very interesting things to do in Munnar.

Best place in Munnar:-

Speed drifting and pony riding at Mattupetty Dam, getting a charge out of boat rides at Kundala Dam and Lake, visiting tea estates, appreciating fun rides at Wonder Valley Adventure and Amusement Park, rock climbing, traveling, and rappelling.



Mysore is situated on the southern side of India. Mostly Mysore is known for its charming Mysore palace. The palace is famous for opulence, carved rosewood doors, and countless paintings on walls that are very attractive. Devaraja market is one of the most famous places in Mysore and Dhanwanthri Road is famous for its special tea. Monsoon and winter are the best whether options to visit Mysore between October to march.

Best place in Mysore:-

Mysore palace, Devaraja Market, and Dhanwanthri road.



Leh-Ladakh is mostly famous for the most amazing treks in the world. Leh-Ladakh is known for breathtaking landscapes, crystal clear skies, the highest mountain passes, thrilling adventure activities, Buddhist Monasteries, and festivals. Leh-Ladakh is the best place for bike riders for adventure activities. Leh-Ladakh touched the China border, it’s having good area but there is a very low population and a number of nomadic residents. The town is located at a very high elevation. You will find Buddhist temples in the old village. Leh-Ladakh always stands on the list of the top 10 best places to visit in Leh-Ladakh.

Best place in Leh-Ladakh:-

Rafting from Choksati to Sangam, Trekking at Indus valley, several trekking places are available in Leh-Ladakh, Buddhist Temples in the old village.



Varanasi is located on the bank of the river Ganga in Uttar Pradesh. Varanasi is one of the oldest places in the Top 10 best places to visit in India list. Varanasi is famous for some river Temples and Ghat, it’s one of the oldest cities in the world. Varanasi is also known as the City of Temples, because of its more than a thousand temples. It is a very old prying place for Hindus. People come to Varanasi from all over India to pray because it’s a pure and old temple of Hindus.

Best place in Varanasi:- 

Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Ramnagar Fort, Shri Durga Temple, Sarnath Museum, and several temples and ghats.



Kolkata the city of Joy and Rightly is located in West Bengal. This is one of the most popular places for tourists across the world. Kolkata is very famous for its Bengali tasty dishes because most people staying in Kolkata are Bengali. In Kolkata, you will find every kind of place like temples, malls, and science museums. Victori Memorial and Howrah bridge both are very famous places in Kolkata.

Best place in Kolkata:-

Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Science City, Kalighat, St Paul’s Cathedral, Eden Gardens, Indian Museum, and other temples and museums.


Hopefully, this content will help you to decide top 10 best places to visit in India. All mentioned places are the most popular tourist designation in India. Tourists of Indian places are Increasing day by day because of its place’s beauty and old history. All these top 10 best places to visit in India have Hotel and flight facilities. You can book a hotel near your designation and famous markets are also you can find in each place. Everybody should have visited India for tourism at least once in a life with family, friends, and lovers to spend some quality time.

15 places to visit in Delhi

Top 15 places to visit in Delhi in 2022.

After Calcutta, Delhi is the capital of India since 12th December 1911. If you are thinking of visiting somewhere for food, or old forts, then Delhi is the best option for you, because of its history, tradition, culture, fashion, functions and holidays. You can find all religious people in Delhi like – Hindus, Muslims, cristchan, budh, Punjabi, foreigners,s, etc. If you are a foodie person then you must visit Delhi. You will find all kinds of dishes which are all very tasty. Most foreigners visit Delhi because of the dishes and the old history of Delhi. So now we will talk about the Top 15 places to visit in Delhi and why?

Delhi is also good in education, road wise, tourist place, society and for carrier makes. If you are an educated person and want a job then, In Delhi easily you can find a job. Many people come to Delhi for earning purposes and they are earning a good amount. Some people are running their businesses and growing very fast. Let’s talk about tourist places, If you are thinking about the Top 15 places to visit in Delhi, Then here you can visit the red fort, India gate, Raj ghat, Chandni chowk, Jama masjid, etc. you will not find places like Delhi anywhere else in the country.

India Gate.

India gate

India gate built-in 12th February 1931 with a height of 42 meters, and it indicates the 70 thousand death of British Indian soldiers during the first world war between 1914-21. India gate was constructed as a war memorial place. And India gate was designed by Sir Edward Lutyens. If you are thinking about the Top 15 places to visit in Delhi, Then you will find the Indian gate on top because the Indian gate has an essential place in history.

People should visit India gate with family or friends and spend some time with each other, taste the India gate food, hang out and enjoy the park weather. There are no entry fees. Children come to India gate on picnics with school friends or teachers and they play games, click photos, etc.

Red Forts.

Red Fort

The red fort was built in the year of 1639 by Mughal Emperors who ruled the city for about 200 years. Located in the center of Delhi. The red fort also known as Lal Quila is the pride of the nation. The red fort was built under the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, It’s called the red fort because of its tall red stone walls. Mughals ruled through India gate until 1956. Most foreigners who come for travel always visit Red Fort because of its history. Near the red fort, there is a very famous market of Sadar Bazar, Meena Bazar, Old Delhi railway station, and Jama masjid. In Jama Masjid, you can eat tasty food from the JAMA market. There are clothes, shoes, phones and every kind of market available. You can purchase some special old gifts for your family and friends. The entry and exit time of Red Forts is 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. There are very low entry fees. Museums are available but if you want to visit a museum, then you need to pay an extra amount. If you want to stay near the red fort then Hotels are available. You will always find Red fort on the top list of Top 15 places to visit in Delhi.

Chandani chowk.

Chandani Chowk

Chandani Chowk is one of the oldest and busiest markets in the country. Chandani Chowk is also famous from the name moonlight square. The Mughal Era designed the Chandani chowk and gave it the busiest market. There is a very interesting story behind the name of Chandani chowk, Actually, Chandni chowk is designed in a square shape and there is a pool in the center and the pool radiated moonlight at night, which looks amazing, maybe this is a possible reason for the name Chandni chowk. The oldest rare products you can purchase from Chandni chowk at a low cost. Most shopkeepers purchase products from Chandni chowk, Because all factories are available in Chandni Chowk, and directly you can buy products from the owner. You can find all religious places in Chandni chowk and historical places like the red fort, Jama masjid, temple, etc.

Humayun’s Tomb.

Humayun's tomb.

The tomb of Mughal Emperor Humayun is known as Humayun’s tomb and it was built in 1569-70. Humayun’s tomb is designed by Mirak Mirza and his son. It’s located in Nizamuddin East.  It is the first garden-tomb of the Indian subcontinent, it was also mentioned in UNESCO World Heritage SIte in 1993.

Humayun’s tomb is not only a tomb but it is also the graves of bega begum, Hamida Begum, and Dara Shikoh, grandson of Humayun and son of Shah Jahan. There are very low entry fees for Humayun’s Tomb. It’s open between 6 am to 6 pm. Besides the main Humayun’s building the char bagh gardens is one of the most beautiful places for attraction. Charbagh gardens work as a resting place for visitors.

Connaught Place.

Connaught Place.

Connaught Place is a commercial and financial place. Connaught Place is also known as CP. Connaught Place is one of the most expensive corporate places in India. Connaught place is known for its fashion, market, foods, clothes, and the central park with flying flags. Connaught Place was built between 1929 – 1933. Connaught Place is also famous for its architecture and heritage and cinema. The government wants to build the Delhi railway station in Connaught Place but due to security reasons, the railway station is built at Paharganj.

After independence, they made an underground market known as Palika Bazar. Mostly Delhi young people purchase clothes, shoes, watches, etc. from Palika because of its new trending fashion.

Qutub Minar.

Qutub Minar.

Qutub Minar is a 73-meter tall minaret with amazing charm. The base diameter of the structure is 14.3 meters, while it slims down to 2.7 meters as it ends. Qutub Minar was designed from the inspiration of the Minaret of jam located in Afghanistan. In history, it was mentioned that the founder of the Delhi Sultanate, Qutab ud-din Aibak started building the minar in 1192. However, the task was taken up by Aibak’s son-in-law and successor, Iltutmish, who added three more stories to the minaret in the year 1220. Qutub Minar is such a historical minar. Everyone should visit Qutub Minar. Qutub Minar’s entry and exit times are 7 am to 5 pm. There are also very low entry fees in Qutub Minar and it’s free for children aged up to 15 years.

Purana Quila.

Purana Quila

Purana Quila is one of the oldest places in Delhi, it is sparse at around 2 kilometers with a rectangular shape. It is mentioned in history that the monument was built under the reign of Humayun and Afghan Sher Shah Suri. The front size of Purana Quila is 18 meters with three gates; the bada Darwaza faces west, still used by the visitors. The Humayun gate built in Humayun’s name faces south of the monument. The Humayun tomb is visible for theirs. The third gate is the Talaqi Gate or the forbidden gate. All the gates are decorated with white blue tiles. An entry fee is also worth the time of 7 am to 5 pm, Museum is also available In Purana Quila. You can eat tasty food outside the Purana Quila. Besides the Purana Quila, there is also a Zoo and The Humayun tomb also very near.

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Akshardham Temple.

Akshardham Temple.

Swaminarayan Akshardham temple is known as Akshardham temple, one of the most cultural, social, and religious temples in Delhi. BAPS has constructed the temple. It is inspired by Yogiji Maharaj. It was designed and built by Pramukh Swami Maharaj. Akshardham temple was opened on 6th November 2005, by Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. If you want to know the Hindu history then you should visit the Akshardham temple. There is great visual, cinema, and technology which shows you old history through stachu. The water show is one of the most attractive things about the Akshardham temple. It is built with 234 carved pillars and 20k Murties of sadhu, acharya, and nine beautiful crafted domes. You can enter the Akshardham Temple between 10 am to 7 pm at a very low cost and it’s totally workable.

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib.

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib.

Anyone can visit Gurudwara Bangla Sahib no matter which religion you follow.  Bangla Sahib is one of the most famous Sikh gurdwaras but there is a welcome for every religious person. It’s known for its association with the eighth Sikh Guru, Guru Har Krishan Singh. Bangla Sahib was built as a shrine by Sikh General Sardar Baghel Singh in 1783, this place is located on Baba Kharak Singh Marg in Connaught Place. In Bangla Sahib langar is 24*7 on, anyone can eat that. There is no any kind of entry fees for Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. You can purchase some Sikh special items from Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. The Cp market is also near the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, You can buy trending clothes, shoes, watches, etc. at a very low cost.

Hauz Khas Complex.

Hauz Khas Complex.

Hauz Khas Complex is a youth junction. It was an old-time charmer called Hauz Khas Complex. Situated in the southern part of the city, the Hauz Khas complex comprises a few exciting elements including a water tank, a tomb, a mosque, an Islamic seminary, and some pavilions. Hauz Khas Complex looks like the 13th-century Delhi Sultanate reign. The tomb of Firoz shah talaq is also a very attractive place and it was built between 1385 to 1388. Firoz Shah built a Firoz shah tomb for himself. Hauz Khas village was also known for Islamic Scholars and students who came to the Madrasa for their Islamic Education. Hauz Khas Complex timing is Sunrise to Sunset and the ticket price is worth it.

Dilli Haat.

Dilli Haat.

For those who are shopping lovers and foodies, then they should visit Dilli Haat. It is an open aircraft bazaar and food plaza located at the southern end of the city. Dilli Haat is a paid entrance system and is run by Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation. Delhi Haat is a permanent market 24*7, every day you can purchase a product. Delhi Haat is famous for creating products of woods and other materials also. You will find unique products of woods, roses, footwear, and rare products. If you want to gift someone then you should visit Delhi Haat, buy something and give a gift to any friend and family member. Creativity is a very attractive point of Delhi Haat. It’s open between 10:30 am to 10 pm with very low entry fees.

Raj Ghat.

Raj Ghat.

Raj Ghat is built as a memorial to the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi. Samadhi Builds in an open area and flame burns on end every time. It was built on 30th January 1948. Raj Ghat is located at Mahatma Gandhi Road, Yamuna, Delhi. Most of the politicians, and state guests are staying here. Before entering the walls of raj ghat you must remove your shoes. Outside the wall, there is a greenery park. You can visit with family, friends, and kids also and spend some quality time. While visiting raj ghat, do not miss out on India’s first prime minister samadhi known by the name of Santivaan. Raj Ghat timing is 6:30 am to 6 pm and there is no kind of entry fees.

Mughal Garden.

Mughal Garden.

Mughal Garden is a Very historic and beautiful Garden with a variety of rare flowers. Mughal Garden only opens only for a short duration a year from February to March month for general visitors. Mughal Garden is located at Rashtrapati Bhawan Delhi. Mughal garden is a great place to get together with family and friends. You can book an online ticket through mobile, laptop, etc. It’s very natural and a great place for greenery. Everyone should visit Mughal gardens with family and friends to spend some quality time. You don’t need to pay anything for entry but it has a pre-book hourly slot. A really beautiful garden is full of colorful flowers, fountains, and our Tricolor Fluttering high on the top of the dome of Rashtrapati Bhavan in the background. Mobile snaps are allowed inside.

Delhi Airport Metro Express.

Delhi Airport Express Line.

The Delhi Airport Express Line is the fastest metro line in Delhi. Delhi Airport Metro Express line is also known by the name Orange Line. It starts from Dwarka sector 21 and links with Indira Gandhi International Airport and ends with the New Delhi metro station. The total length of the line is 22.7 km, of which 15.7 km is underground and 7 km, from Buddha Jayanti Park to Mahipalpur. Delhi Airport Metro Express started on 23rd Feb 2011. It will give you a totally different experience of traveling through the metro. It takes only a few minutes to reach Dwarka sec 21 to the New Delhi metro station. The first and last train timing from Dwarka sector 21 is 4:45 am to 11:15 pm and the first and last train timing from New Delhi is 4:45 am to 11:30 pm. 60 rupees is the maximum amount for traveling at the Airport metro express line.

Jama Masjid.

Jama Masjid.

Jama Masjid of Delhi also called Masjid-i Jahān Numā, is located in Old Delhi, India, constructed in 1650–56 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahān, Jama masjid is one of the largest and oldest masjids in India. Outside the Jama masjid, there is a huge market for shopping. If you are a non-veg lover then you must visit Jama masjid and taste the non-veg food. Near the jama masjid you can also visit meena bazar and red fort is also very nera from jama masjid. Jama masjid is a 24*7 area, at night it is an awesome place to visit. You don’t need to pay any entry-amount because it’s totally free.


We want to describe the Top 15 places to visit in Delhi through this content because of the place’s history, tradition, culture, fashion, functions, etc. You will find every kind of place in Delhi like Masjid, Temples, Gardens, Hotels, markets,s etc. In short, Delhi is the perfect place for traveling. Everyone should visit Delhi with family, and friends to spend some quality time.


places to visit in Udaipur

15 Best places to visit in Udaipur

Udaipur, also known as the city of lakes in the most romantic city of India. Udaipur is famous for its history, culture, traditional fairs, and amazing scenic locations. Udaipur used to be the capital of Mewar Kingdom in the former Rajputana Agency. Thus Udaipur is full of places from the Rajput era, temples in the art deco style, forts and palaces from the past era, and much more. Udaipur is also a very peaceful city so if you are someone who loves to sit by a lake during sunset you can visit Udaipur without any second thought. There are hundreds of beautiful places to visit in Udaipur. Let us give you an idea of the best 15 places to visit in Udaipur so that you can make the most of your vacation.

Lakes to visit

Let’s begin by talking about the best lakes to visit in Udaipur. Udaipur is also known as Venice of the east for its tremendous beautiful lakes, art, and culture. So here are the three best lakes to visit in Udaipur;

1.  Fateh Sagar Lake

Fateh Sagar is one of the four biggest lakes in Udaipur city. It is an artificial lake named after Maharana Fateh Singh. It is a beautiful lake to visit surrounded by hills and woodlands. This lake lies to the north of Lake Pichola. Both the lakes are connected by a canal. If you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of boat rides, this is a great place to go. 

2. Lake Pichola

Lake Pichola is an artificial lake with fresh water. It is named after the village of Pichola. Residents used to obtain fresh water from that lake. There are four islands in this lake named Jag Niwas, Jag Mandir, Mohan Mandir, and Arsi villas. Each of them has some beautiful villas where you can enjoy the scenery and stay.

3. Swaroop Sagar lake

It is also an artificial lake named after Maharana Swarup Singh. It is a charming pond located at the heart of Udaipur. The lake is surrounded by majestic hills all around and offers riding activities such as camel and horseback riding.

4. Rang Sagar Lake 

Rang Sagar is an artificial lake with a great villa where you can stay. This lake connects Swaroop Sagar and Pichola lake. The lake and haveli are beautiful places to spend time with your family and enjoy the scenery.

Forts and palaces to visit in Udaipur

As we all know Udaipur once used to be the capital of Mewar kingdom it has a lot of forts and palaces to visit. All of them have something different to experience. But it is not possible to visit all of them at once so we have picked some best forts and palaces for you. Here is the list

1. Kumbhalgarh Fort 

Kumbhalgarh Fort is the birthplace of King Maha Rana Pratap. It has a wall that stretches 36 kilometers along its entire length. That is why it is also called The Great wall of India. After the Wall of China, it is the second-longest wall in the world. If you visit Udaipur, you should stop by here.

2. Chittorgarh Fort 

Chittorgarh fort which is also known as the Hillfort Of Rajasthan is the biggest in India. It has 65 historic structures, 4 memorials, 19 large temples, and 20 huge water bodies. The fort was declared as a UNESCO heritage site in 2013.  This is where Rani Padmini is alleged to have committed Jauhar. So you should consider this fort in your list of places to visit in Udaipur.

3. The Monsoon palace

The monsoon palace is a hilltop residential palace near Fateh Sagar Lake.  Its main purpose is to watch the monsoon clouds. It is thus popularly called Monsoon Palace. The place offers a wide scenic beauty of the city and the lake. This is a perfect place to stay if you want to observe the beauty of the city from your residence.

4. Lake palace 

It is a summer palace that is situated between 1743 to 1746. It is near the Jagmandir island in Lake Pichola. It was used to host poets, artists, singers, and Maharan’s guests. Now the place is a luxury hotel with a lot of facilities like vintage car rides, Jiva spa boats, and a lot more. So if you want to experience something luxurious and delightful this is one of the best places to visit in Udaipur.

5. Udaipur City palace

Udaipur city palace is located near Lake Pichola. This palace is made of graphite and marble. This place contains large balconies from where you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the city and the lake. One part of this palace has now been converted into a museum where you can see beautiful wall paintings, mirror works, silver works, inlay works, and a lot more. Hence, if art is your thing then Udaipur’s city palace museum is one of the best places to visit in Udaipur.

Temples to Visit in Udaipur

Several beautiful temples in Udaipur are full of great architecture. Here are some temples to visit in Udaipur

1. Shree Jagdish Temple

In Udaipur, this temple is a popular tourist attraction. Established in 1691 by Maharana Jagat Singh. The temple is based on Indo-Aryan architecture. Lord Vishnu is worshiped there. There is a black stone image of Lord Vishnu with four arms.

2. Mahakaleshwar Temple

 Mahakaleshwar Mandir is one of the most famous temples in Udaipur. Lord Shiva is worshiped here with Arti. But the main attraction is Rudrabhisek Arti for this a large number of devotees came here. People believe that the temple is more than 900 years old.

3.  Mahalaxmi Temple 

Mahalaxmi Temple is dedicated to the goddess of wealth and prosperity, Mahalaxmi. Shrimali Jatiya Sampati Trust manages the temple in reverence of the goddess, who is considered to be the family deity of Shrimali Samaj. Daily, several devotees come to visit the temple, but during Diwali, the number of devotees increases substantially.

4. Sahasra Bahu Temple

Sahastrabahu Temple is located on the ancient site of Nagada. The temple is also known as Sas Bahu temple. Lord  Vishnu is worshiped here. The temple was situated between the 9th to 10th centuries. The survey of India has declared it a Heritage site of India. 


Udaipur has some really beautiful museums with a lot of historical objects. We have picked up two amazing museums for you to visit ;

1. Ahar Museums 

 you are someone who has an interest in history and architecture you will be amazed by this Museum. It has an impressive cluster of cenotaphs of the Maharanas of Mewar. It also has some small but rarest earthen antiques. If you love museums do visit this place in Udaipur once at least.

1. Vintage and Classic Car

As the name suggests tourists came here to see the Royal Vintage cars. With a collection of 22 stunning vintage cars, including the 1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom featured in the James Bond film ‘Octopussy’ and the 1961 Cadillac convertible that brought Queen Elizabeth II to the airport, the collection includes some of the world’s most elegant automobiles. The place is undoubtedly worth visiting.


Although there are a lot of other fascinating places to visit in Udaipur, these places are definitely worth a visit. If you are planning to visit Udaipur do visit these places. We are sure that you will fall in love with the places and the city. Thank you for reading hope this information was helpful to you.